Travel Trends 2018

As we all know, trends don’t only come and go when it comes to the fashion world but they do as well for the travel industry.

Before you book any of your travels for 2018, check out the current travel tendencies and choose what is convenient for you.

Our 2017 Travel resolutions vs/ our 2017 travels

We had a  promising list of 12 bucket list trips we wanted to make in 2017: Saint Petersburg/ Russia, Peru/North of Chile/ Bolivia, the ABC Islands, Japan/ Kyoto, Norway, Croatia, Morocco/ Essaouira, Jordan/Petra, Iceland, Cuba/ Habana, Canada/Quebec, The US/The Keys. 
And like many other resolutions, unfortunately they failed.

Valentine gifts for travelers

Time is fast and furious so fasten your belts and enjoy shopping for your beloved traveler, whether it is your partner or even better yourself.

20 quotes that will inspire you to travel

If only we knew how blessed we are to be born in the era of globalisation where borders are becoming thinner, information accessible, distances closer, communication easier and travel cheaper. Every invention nowadays is intended to make life easier for us: we have apps which indicate what the weather is like, what time it will rain and what…

Lebanon and the beautiful: Jeita-Faraya-Faqra-Harissa

One of the advantages of being married to a foreigner is getting to do domestic tourism together: you want to show your other half the best parts of your country, seduce him/her to fall in love with it and therefore long to come back. Most importantly you want him/her to get to know your origins, your…

Why you shouldn’t go to Venice!

We have all watched the movies, read the books, seen the pictures, heard the stories. But once you go to Venice, you need to drop all those preconceived ideas, visuals and sounds and let them dissolve into the water surrounding this miraculous, timeless, exquisite city with it’s magical maze of canals, cobbled paths and bridges all wrapped around…

Lebanon and the Beautiful: Laklouk- Tannourine-Douma- Batroun

In the eternal clash between reality and expectation, often reality proved to be intolerable. Most of us have an idealized vision in our heads of how our lives are supposed to turn out. Unfortunately, our secret expectations aren’t always aligned with reality. Except when it comes to visiting Lebanon for the first time, the “reality check” for once is surreal.    According to Antoine…

Düsseldorf, the catwalk of Germany! 

When most people decide to travel to Germany, Berlin and Munich are often the destinations they choose to visit. I am not saying they shouldn’t, on the contrary I would advise to definitely visit those cities but I highly recommend you add to this list two German cities I am very fond of: Düsseldorf and Cologne (Köln), the two rival…