My name is Jesse. I was born and have lived my whole life in Lebanon. My dad was Lebanese and my mom is Chilean with Lebanese origins. Three years ago I met my Dutch husband Erwin and since we have been travelling the world.

I speak 4 languages (Lebanese-French-English-Spanish) and recently I have been learning Dutch ___ Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands ___ My husband speaks 5 languages (English-Dutch-German-Russian-French) and now a bit of Lebanese___”ehhhhh, meche el hal” is his favorite___I guess we are pretty much international.

We travel every two week or so to European cities either by car or plane. We are pretty much on the roads most of times***not complaining*** We have travelled together to 25 countries and 45 cities in the past 26 months.

My dream of becoming a writer has finally come true. Although I am not yet a professional blogger, I hope our next step will be exactly that. Personally, nothing would make me happier than having to write and travel for a living. That  would definitely be the ultimate dream.

Wish me luck!